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A 4 Point Inspection is usually required for all 4 point inspectionsingle family homes, villas, and mobile home insurance applications for structures over 30 years old. Florida state licensed, home inspectors are required to fill out the 4 Point Inspection form after inspecting and verifying the condition of the electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems. To mark each system acceptable, means that each system is working as intended and there are no visible hazards or deficiencies. All defects or deficiencies must be noted on the form and documented with pictures.
If you already own an older home, you may not hear about a 4 Point Inspection until you receive a cancellation notice on your insurance. 4 Point Inspections are used by insurance companies to reduce losses on older homes whose major systems may not be in good condition. In some cases, you will be allowed a short time frame to bring any outdated systems up to standard before the policy is canceled.

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Homeowners or buyers should contact their insurance agents to find out if this service is required. The agent will need the address of the home and the year it was built. If the 4 Point Inspection is not required, ask if discounts are available by having the inspection done anyway.
Our inspectors use a standardized form to do the 4 Point Inspection on. If your insurance company requires a specific form for this service, please have a copy available prior to your appointment.

Keep in mind that a Home Inspection and a 4 Point Inspection are not the same. The Home Inspection is a comprehensive inspection that buyers have done to learn the true condition of the home. A 4 Point Inspection does not give the buyer the same information, it is done only so the buyer or owner can obtain insurance on the property. If you choose not to get the 4 Point Inspection and your insurance company requires it, you may not be able to obtain insurance for the property.

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